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DOI: 10.21202/2782-2923.2021.3.506-528

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Authors :
1. Pavel A. Kabanov, Doctor of Law, Associate Professor, Professor of the Department of Criminology; Professor of the Department of Legal Sciences
Nizhniy Novgorod Academy of the Ministry of Domestic Affairs of the Russian Federation; Naberezhniye Chelny branch of Kazan (Volga) Federal University

Innovations in the Russian award law, caused by counteracting the COVID-19

Objective: to monitor changes in the state of award law in the Russian Federation caused by the counteraction to the new coronavirus infection COVID-19 and to determine the prospects for its development.
Methods: the methodological basis of the conducted research is the dialectical method of cognition and the methods based on it: general scientific (historical, logical, systemic) and private scientific (grouping, analysis, synthesis, comparison, interpretation, etc.).
Results: based on the analysis of federal, regional, municipal and other regulatory legal acts, the author gives an exhaustive list of official awards for merits in countering the new coronavirus infection COVID-19. The lists of merits for special and universal awards to persons who participated in countering coronavirus infection are presented; some shortcomings in the legal regulation of awarding at the regional and municipal level are identified. Attention is drawn to the shortcomings in the organizational and legal foundations of awarding in some subjects of the Russian Federation, when medical workers and other persons are only posthumously awarded with universal highest regional awards for countering the new coronavirus infection COVID-19.
Scientific novelty: for the first time in the Russian legal science, Russian award law was monitored due to the counteraction of the new coronavirus infection COVID-19.
Practical significance: the paper proposes measures to improve the legal regulation of awarding for merits in countering the new coronavirus infection COVID-19, which can be used by law-making bodies.

Keywords :
Theory and history of law and the state; Award; Award law; Award relations; Federal awards; State awards; Regional awards; Municipal awards; Public awards; COVID-19

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Citation :
Kabanov P. A. Innovations in the Russian award law, caused by counteracting the COVID-19, Russian Journal of Economics and Law, 2021, Vol. 15, No. 3, pp. 506–528 (in Russ.). DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.21202/2782-2923.2021.3.506-528

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