Actual Problems of
Economics and Law




Archive 2011

№4 (20)

Actual Problems of Economics and Law (APEL)

ISSN 1993-047X (PRINT)
ISSN 2410-0390 (ONLINE)
DOI : 10.21202/1993-047X.2011.4
Publishing date : 1/12/2011
The process of forming the civil society as a means of corruption counteraction in the Russian Federation

Office of the president of the Republic of Tatarstan on issues of anticorruption policy as a special anticorruption body: the current issues of practice

Bureaucracy and corruption: separate aspects of malfeasance reproduction in Russia

Formation of criminal-legal measures for solving the sharpening contradiction between state and corruption

On contradictions in evaluation and characteristics of documents of the Russian prosecutor general office and other law enforcement bodies

Corruption in realization of national projects in Tatarstan Republic and measures of counteraction: analysis of expertise

Victimological influence on criminal corruption behaviour: notion and general characteristics

Optimization of demand in scientific approach to corruption counteraction

Prerequisites of formation of anti-corruption behavior motivation

Main forms of corruption in election process

Responsibility for the bribery: critical analysis of legislative amendments

Regional anti-corruption programs as a organizational legal means of corruption counteraction

On the issue of changes in the norms of laws sanctions in connection with toughening of anti-corruption policy

Corruption consciousness as one of the main causes of corruption

Corruption counteraction under the modern conditions

The birth of corruption

Activities of transnational corporations as one of the reasons of corruption globalization

Improving of anticorruption ban on gifts, taking into account German experience

Necessity to introduce criminal liability of juridical persons in Russian legislation

On the necessity of criminal liability for the’ votes selling by the electors

Middle class as an essential condition of the Russian economy modernization

Theoretical aspects of formation of the cluster approach to the region development

National innovative system in the USA: institutional aspects

Revealing the problems and prospects of development of professional liability insurance of medical workers

Analysis of the usefulness of an electronic communication system for state administration sekap for realization of electronic services in Silesia province (Poland)

Principles of costs accounting and price formation in it-outsourcing company

Analysis of economic thinking structure in the aspect of modern innovative industrial development

Integration of accounting and information transfer systems in the educational establishment’s divisions as the basis for its transactional costs minimization

Approaches to revealing and evaluating the intraproductive reserves in an enterprise

From foresight-research to foresight-organizations

The role of financial sector in increasing the efficiency of regional agricultural organizations

Tools of intra-university mechanism of improving the educational service

Satisfying stakeholders’ interests as a strategic aspect of corporate management

Formation of controlling mechanism of the regional professional education institutions development management

Improvement of macro-analysis of the external environment for the company

Effectivness of the management consulting and its defining factors

Concept and realization state of e-administration in the European Union

Methodological recommendations for the assessment location of the trade enterprise

The action of cyclic model of the integration process in the industrial networks formation in the shipbuilding industry

Optimization of the pricing mechanism in the innovative development system of the investment and construction complex

The influence of the leader in the organizational culture formation

Management innovations: the guarantee of successful activity of the organization

The investment potential evaluation of the Volga federal district regions based on the clustering method

The possibilities of adaptation of the regional agricultural sector to modern conditions of the functioning

Preconditions of formation of the competitive environment of the regional reproduction process

Features of the formation of the tourist services regional market

On the issue of investments in innovative activity

Theoretical aspects of the accounting and analytical support of budgeting in multi-segment organizations

Optimization of the production program for medical cork manufacturers using mathematical programming and simulation methods

Theoretical-historical analysis of jury trials formation in Russia

On the date of naming of federal law

On the features of contract of goods carriage by road

Implementation of the justice principle in civil relathions

Partial implementation of the intent in crime completed

Subject of unlawful issuance or use of an official document certifying compliance with goods, services or works by safety requirements

Organized crime as a superstructure mechanism (regulatory organization format) of «shadow» economy

Problems of differentiation and individualization of sentencing for organized criminal groups participants

Criminal liability for disclosure of the adoption secret: problems of theory and practices

Foreign law in combating illicit drugs

Chriminalistic characteristic of new ways of committing crimes in the sphere of cellular communication

Problems of corruption counteraction in the Russian Federation

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Actual Problems of Economics and Law (APEL)

ISSN 1993-047X (PRINT)
ISSN 2410-0390 (ONLINE)
DOI : 10.21202/1993-047X.2011.3
Publishing date : 1/9/2011
Formation of modern economic thinking in education as a national economic priority

Development of innovation monopolism under modern economy

Labor-market under globalization and international competitiveness

The role of human capital in the process of modernization of economy

Macroeconomic prospects of the Russian financial market

Using the model of the overall creative prosperity for estimation of the informative type of economic growth

Issues of state regulation of intellectual property under the innovative development of economy

Problems and perspectives of competitiveness increase based on innovations and investments

Conceptual model of informational flow management in the sphere of state exchequer services

Analysis of the Russian machine building complex competitiveness in post-crisis period

Qualitative analysis of investment projects in the Republic of Tatarstan

Social issues of the Russian labour market

Competiveness of consumer products and services and its connection with competitiveness of entrepreneurial structures as a whole

Comparative characteristics of the quality of life of Khanty-Mansi autonomous region and Tatarstan Republic

Formation of adequate institutional conditions for venture funds activity in the strategic area of innovation activity development in Russia

Essential characteristics of transaction expenses in education sphere

Competitive advantages of food trade enterprises at regional commodities markets

Economic stabilization of the enterprise on the basis of adaptive management

Modeling features of clusters formation process using the Petri nets apparatus

Effective interaction between regional authorities and business as the most important condition of state-private partnership development

Identification and registration of features and modern trends of corporate management development in Russia

Internet-marketing as a modern means of communication

Competitiveness of the Russian enterprises under the economy globalization and world financial crisis

On the issue of bankruptcy probability estimation

Synergy of the enterprise’s personnel as a source of achieving competititve advantages

On the issue of automatization of the enterprise’s innovative strategy formation

Defining the indicators of «lean production» efficiency

The economic aspect of depreciated rubber recycling: reality and prospects in Russia and abroad

Formation and stages of development of advertising market as an element of the Russian Federation communication complex

The role of human factor in innovations sphere

Defining the limits of national debt financing in Russia as one of the aspects of ensuring the country’s economic security

Current state and prospects of development of the Islamic financial system

Modern approach to classification of the principles of organizing the enterprise’s financial relations

Socially-responsible finance: principles of Islamic model

System of non-financial indicators of reporting in autonomous sports establishments

Development of federalism ideas in the concepts of natural law

Duality of the legal norms sanctions: conceptual bases

Shaping of complex formations in the Russian legislative system as a factor of intersectoral codification

Theoretical-legal issues of «rusk» notion in civil law

«Antisocial deals» in the legislation of foreign states

On some trends of the Russian civil legislation development

Special terms of the state’s liability for the damage cause to enterpreneurs

The issue of property right acquisition for the suspended construction objects in the modern Russian civil law

On the notion of civil-legal regime of unauthorized construction

Some issues of arbitrary-procedural guarantees of subjective rights of the arbitrary court procedure participants

Subjects of communal energy supply relations

Peculiarities of implementing deferment of punishment by the court by article 82 of the Russian criminal code

On the issue of reasons and means of formulation of corpus delicti with alternative signs of objective part

Monitoring of corruption and anticorruption policy measures in the Republic of Tatarstan: issue of theory and practice

Liability for spamming in the Russian legislation: experience of criminalization, law enforcement and lawmaking initiatives

Which exactly corruption are we going to fight?

Observing the convention «On protecting human rights and basic liberties» and practice of European Court when check purchase of drugs

Permanent independent commission on human rights of «Islamiv conference» organization: change of paradigms?

The issue of implementation of international treaties in the European community

Features of public-legal relations at securities market

Cluster approach and state-private partnership in the system of development contingency rundown at the Russian enterprises

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Actual Problems of Economics and Law (APEL)

ISSN 1993-047X (PRINT)
ISSN 2410-0390 (ONLINE)
DOI : 10.21202/1993-047X.2011.2
Publishing date : 1/6/2011
On the influence of strategic gaps in economy on managerial decisions making in state management

Social-economic system as a stream energy converter: to the development of natural-scientific ideas of S. A. Podolinskiy

Methodological basis of Kazakhstan’s economic development in the modern period

Social-economic indicators of economic security in Russia

Economic security maintaining as economic growth limitation

Personal consumption as an economic growth factor

Asymmetrical information in the public purchases market and some directions of its overcoming

Economic security in banking sector

Decision making on new dwelling construction in the low-rise house-building

Role of science and education in economy modernization

Economic nature of trading sector competitiveness in the region’s market structure

On state regulation of tourism sphere

The model of multi-criterion evaluation of regions for the rational location of logistics centers on the territory of the Russian Federation

Using the current assets turnover indicators in the system of economic analysis and financial management of an organization

Regional development: adaptation mechanisms at meso-level

Evaluation of elements functioning efficiency in corporate management system internationally and in Russia

Planning and predicting as system elements of grounding the prospective development of educational establishments

Analysis of the evolution of views on the nature of ground rent

Innovative mechanism of small business’s development

Typology of changes in an organization and their characteristics

On assessment of bankruptcy probability

Prospective directions of interaction between the holding and servicing entrepreneurship structures of the oil and gas complex

Formation of territory marketing conception

On assessment of a company’s business reputation

Predicting of electric power consumption basing on the regional economic development indicators

Elaboration and implementation of ecological product and procedural innovations as constituents of technological competitiveness of the regional economy

Features of accounting-analytical provision of fixed assets in the procedure of financial recovery

Experience of the Russian pre-revolutionary forestry legislation on protecting state and private forests against fires

Monitoring of legal socialization of students of law and other specialities

On morals in Roman law

Absolute protection as a characteristic of the right in rem

Contract regulation of family relations as a sphere of interaction between family law and other legal branches

Legal regulation of construction activity

Legal procedures of making, changing and termination of a civil-law contract

Limitations of freedom of liability insurance agreement with a view of construction self-regulation

Place-time parameters (elements) of the due execution of liabilities connected with parenting with separate residence of parents

Collision regulation of family-marriage relations with foreign citizens and stateless persons

Experience of legislation basis formation of the USA national innovation system

Notion and types of communal service

Prospects of telework institution development in the functioning Russian legislation

Forms of political parties’ participation in election process in the Russian Federation

Issues of powers demarcation in the environment protection sphere between state power bodies

Observance of rights and freedoms of a person and citizen while executing criminal-legal jurisdiction in selecting and implementing restraint in the form of commitment and house imprisonment

Korruption – wird geschmiert wie eh und je?

On criminal liability for adulterated medications

On increasing the efficiency of reserve funds managing in the Russia Federation subjects

Contraband of alcohol products (article 188 of the Russian criminal code): criminal-legal characteristics and qualification issues

What kind of corruption are we going to fight?

Influence of the league of nations statute provisions on the interests of non-member states

Techniques of improving the administrative-legal means of electors’ rights protection

Review of the article by Helmut Kury «Korruption – wird geschmiert wie eh und je?»

Problems of legal regulation of subsoil utilization in the Russian Federation

№1 (17)

Actual Problems of Economics and Law (APEL)

ISSN 1993-047X (PRINT)
ISSN 2410-0390 (ONLINE)
DOI : 10.21202/1993-047X.2011.1
Publishing date : 1/3/2011
Natural scientific approach of S. A. Podolinskiy as a method for revealing the systemic-genetic base of social-economic systems development

Some aspects of institutional changes necessary for innovation development in the Russian economy

Competition of subjects in the modern economic system

Contradictions in reproducing the human capital under institutional transformations

Some features of formation of consumer demand theory in the knowledge and information economy

Innovations and market structures

Institutional nature of households under transformation economy

Corporation and state: alternative models

Problems of Russian economy modernization

Replacement of fixed assets in the Russian electric power sector

Condition and prospects of development of retail trade in Tatarstan under the conditions of macroeconomic instability

Regional markets development under the influence of innovation methods of customs regulation

On the methods of economic efficiency evaluation of agricultural production

Features of cluster formations in modern Russia

Intellectual capital in educational services sphere

Modelling of a corporate management system of an industrial enterprise

Interaction of planning and predicting functions in the management system of professional training establishments

Evaluation of intellectual capital and intangible assets of an enterprise

Principles of formation of optimal system of economic indicators

Methods of frugal production in ceaseless production processes

Methodological bases of formation and evaluation of an industrial enterprise development strategies

Analysis of logistics processes at an automobile service enterprise

Industrial production in Russia: dynamics of the basic economic indicators

Evaluation of innovative activity of the Russian subjects

Innovative elements in the modern quality management system in Russia

Evaluation of land utilization efficiency under various levels of production intensity

Evaluation and implementation of ecological product and process innovations as a constituent of technological competitiveness of a regional economy

Ecological priorities of innovative activity of industrial enterprises

Mechanisms of broadening and deepening of a crisis by an example of 2007–2008 financial crisis

Directions of banking system activity for forming economy of well-being

Organizational-economic aspects of investment into social sphere in a municipality

Methodology of intellectual carrying value accounting

Differential presentation of stagnation indicator

Enterprise inheritance: features of civil-law regulation

Risk as a specific feature of innovation law

Notion and significance of state building inspection

On the issue of conditional deal features

Correlation of project and investigation works contract with author’s order contract

Analysis of some legal collisions during applying incsolvency (bankruptcy) norms

On the system of legal stimuli and limitations of entrepreneurship activity during reorganization and liquidation of a credit organization

On the features of legal personality of government enterprises and legal personality of enterprises bases on transaction right

Medications and alcohol-containing products hazardous for health and life of consumers

Influence of the level of inequality in people’s income distribution on the level of intended killing

Criminal-legal prohibitions in the ancient Rus’ legislation

Rehabilitation and resocialization as protection of the sentenced to imprisonment and the exempt from punishment

Observance of rights and liberties of a person and a citizen while implementing of legal jurisdiction during selection and execution of restraint in the form of attachment and house arrest

Review on the book Criminal Procedure in Europe / Eds. R. Vogler, B. Huber. Max-Planck-Institut fьr auslдndisches und internationals Strafrecht. – Freiburg i. Br., 2008

Economics at the crossroads of social development

On interpretation of cruel treatment of juveniles and its forms