Actual Problems of
Economics and Law




Archive 2016

№ 4

Actual Problems of Economics and Law (APEL)

ISSN 1993-047X (PRINT)
ISSN 2410-0390 (ONLINE)
DOI : 10.21202/1993-047X
Publishing date : 22/12/2016
Corruption in the sphere of education: notion, specific features, forms and types

Corruption: some issues of counteraction

Activity of the prosecutor’s office bodies of the Russian Federation for administrative prosecution of physical and juridical persons for corruption law breaches

Subornation in struggle against corruption: dialectic contradiction and ways out of it

Tatarstan market of food in the concept of Islamic economy (marketing and economic-anthropologic aspects)

The contribution of the intellectual and social capital in economic growth of Russian regions

Deterministic factor analysis: methods of integro-differentiation of non-integral order

Quality of the Russian legislation as a key to increasing its efficiency

Contract for the benefit of a third party: doctrinal issues

Criminological characteristics of a cattle-stealer’s personality: by the materials of Kazakhstan Republic

Issues of safety provision in agrarian-industrial complex of the Baikal region as an element of the regional system of North-East Asia

Restorative Justice as an Alternative to Penal Punishment – Experiences from History

Legal regime of the Bering Strait and security of navigation

Legitimacy of anti-Russia sanctions and response measures within the membership in the WTO

Building legal order in ancient Athens

Executive action: its history, its dilemmas, and its potential remedies

Constitutional collisions of criminal law

№ 3

Actual Problems of Economics and Law (APEL)

ISSN 1993-047X (PRINT)
ISSN 2410-0390 (ONLINE)
DOI : 10.21202/1993-047X.2016.3
Publishing date : 22/9/2016
Estimation and improvement of the RF government plan for providing the sustainable social-economic development of Russia in 2016

Developing the organizational-economic relations during agricultural-industrial integration

On some aspects of implementing the “manual control” by the bodies of the Russian state-municipal power

Institutional traps in the hospitality industry financing (by the example of Krasnodar region)

Modelling of the cycles occurrence in economy

The unmanned aerial vehicles in international trade and their regulation

Legal model of state coercion as to a special category of persons

Prohibition as ontological basis of the Russian legal reality

Notion, order of organization and functions of the representatives of the Russian Federation subjects

Exceptions to principle of autonomy in documentary letters of credit; a comparative view

Cluster strategies in the regional economy development: legal aspects

A reflection on selected fear of crime factors in Ljubljana, Slovenia

Experience of measuring the level of victimization of the population of Nizhniy Novgorod region

Anticorruption functions of the authorities in charge of prevention of corruption and other offences of the Russian Federation subjects

Polyfactorial corruption index in the Russian regions: methodology of estimation

Maritime insurance as a way to struggle piracy

The word Сriminology: a philology and a definition

Decision to commit crime: rational or nonrational


Actual Problems of Economics and Law (APEL)

ISSN 1993-047X (PRINT)
ISSN 2410-0390 (ONLINE)
DOI : 10.21202/1993-047X.2016.2
Publishing date : 15/6/2016
Issues of forming the science of anthropocene

Cultivators of the future

The pitfalls of differentiation in the financing of Russian universities

Influence of transaction costs on controlling activity of territorial taxation bodies

Progressive taxation as a tool for providing the budget system stability

Analysis of demand curves in the stock and financial markets of monopolistic competition

Model of analyzing and forecasting the dynamics of industrial production and space sector of the Russian Federation

Main factors influencing the fall of sales in the Russian automobile market

Formation and disclosure the information on the company’s sustainable development

Structural disproportions as a threat to economic security of Russia

Risks: diagnosing and eliminating

Social Media Marketing as a tool for promoting the regional investment portals

Perception of the judiciary law by the law-maker

Institutional paradoxes of vat under developing economy of transition period

On the nature of advocacy as an institution of civil society

Exit from contract

Condition on price in contracts of petrol delivery at wholesale and retail in the Russian Federation

Role of methods and technology of management in the sphere of protecting the rights and freedoms of the imprisoned

Determinants of crime in the sphere of dwelling-communal sector in Russian cities

Court sentences in the aspect of theorems of validity, justice and certainty of bisectrixity

Criteria of proving digital crimes with the use of mobile applications. Features of exemption


Actual Problems of Economics and Law (APEL)

ISSN 1993-047X (PRINT)
ISSN 2410-0390 (ONLINE)
DOI : 10.21202/1993-047X.2016.1
Publishing date : 1/3/2016
Efficiency of anti-corruption policy

On the new directions of criminological monitoring of corruption

Corruption in the sphere of nature management, or "the resource curse"

Evolution of the marketing paradigm: a new vision

Russian machine-building: course to import substitution

Social-economic role of small business in services sphere in the progressive development of Russia

Resort loan securities as a source of investing the hospitality industry

Tax incentives to broaden the investment-saving potential of the finance of the population in the pension sphere

Crimes against military service in the pre-revolutionary Russian legislation: historical-legal analysis

Regulation as delegation

On the issue of organizational-legal form of collective gardening and summer cottages construction

Problem of long-datedness in banking crediting in Russia: legal aspect,

Forms of treaties for organization of innovative goods marketing

Termination of tax liability upon liquidation of a juridical person (by the founders’ decision): comparative characteristics of legislations of the Russian Federation and Ukraine

Sociology of law: phenomenon of devastation

Issues of qualification of bribe giving and mediation in bribery in the modern law-enforcement practice

Simplification of the appeal procedure in the Russian civilistic procedure

Review of the monograph “Corruption: nature, revelation, interaction” / editor-in-chief Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences T. Ya. Khabrieva. Мoscow: “Yurisprudentsiya” Publishers, 2014, 688 p.

Some aspects of public associations’ participation in implementing public control at municipal level