Actual Problems of
Economics and Law




Archive 2008

№ 1

Actual Problems of Economics and Law (APEL)

ISSN 1993-047X (PRINT)
ISSN 2410-0390 (ONLINE)
DOI : 10.21202/1993-047X.2008.1
Publishing date : 25/03/2008
Problems of competitive recovery of regions

Some problems of modern labor market in Russia

Suppression of abusive practice by the leading position as the basic direction of modern antimonopoly regulation

The asymmetric information and «fiasco of the market»

Socioeconomic reforms of education in Kazakhstan

Linear programming, pricing in the market of production factors and the duality

Features of the information as factor of production

Evolution of the chinese economy to market relations

Theoretical aspect of services quality in sphere of hospitality

Theoretical aspects of the estimation of efficiency of the agricultural production

Perfecting of the management pattern by the enterprise of money resources as a tool of circulating assets planning

Investment activity: Essence, the estimation and the impact analysis on socioeconomic developing of region

Economic results of industrial establishments activity in Kazan for 1895–1896 (experience of the statistical analysis)

Methodological approaches to research of the land rent

Influence of business reputation on the financial position of tour agency

From education quality to qualitative management

Modern aspects of accomplishment of currency transactions by credit organizations

Some aspects of the incentive policy of law

The right on inviolability of privacy: the juridical characteristic and realization problems

Specifics of limitation of the legal personality insolvent – the legal person

On the crime mechanism with tangible objects of heightened danger

Legal problems of struggle with computer crimes

Analogy in the criminal law: the history and the present

Problems of work organization of convicted in investigatory isolator

Research of the difference in levels of registered grave crimes and felonies between the subjects of the Russian Federation which are included in Volga Federal District, for the first fife years of XXI century without research of determining (factorial) complex, causing discrepancy

Objective and subjective signs of defamation structure under the criminal legislation in Imperial Russia

Institute of safety of criminal process participants: The comparative analysis of the foreign countries legislation

About the international legal regulation rights of the individual on judicial protection from criminal charge

Actual problems of adaptation of foreign natives in Russia

Legal value of the grade «the information product» in the modern information legislation

Review of the official opponent of the on dissertation of L. B. Shabanova «Methodological approach to realization of marketing researches on commodity markets and services»

№ 2

Actual Problems of Economics and Law (APEL)

ISSN 1993-047X (PRINT)
ISSN 2410-0390 (ONLINE)
DOI : 10.21202/1993-047X.2008.2
Publishing date : 25/06/2008
Investment-innovative foundations of modern economy

Economic content of monopolism under the conditions of the global market formation

Management of the village social development

On some aspects of agricultural-industrial complex functioning

Theoretical aspects of investigation of the collective’s social potential

Investment resources of the business entities of Tatarstan Republic

Personnel ageing as one of the main problems of the Russian industrial enterprises

Stocktaking of state property on deposits in the sphere of oil and gas

Conceptional foundations of the development of business education in the Republic of Tatarstan

The features of the state budget policy under the modern Russian economic conditions

Expertise and accounting application of the provision on stocktaking of non-material assets

Definition of the essential characteristics, content and categories of the economic globalization process

The main directions of Malasia foreign economic relations

The state-law traditions in the Russian official ideology at the verge of XVIII-XIX cc.

Formation of the institute of ombudsmen in the subjects of Russian Federation

Establishment and structure of constitutional (authorized) courts of the subjects of Russian Federation

The authorities of the representative bodies of local government in financial activity

The difference of a minor stealage and penal action, including that in the form of a fraud

Culture dialogue and resocialization of the convicted

Juridical characteristics of prevarication stealage under the modern Russian criminal code

The decree of the Russian Federation supreme court plenum of march 12, 2002, № 5 «On the judicial practice for cases of stealage, exaction, and unlawful circulation of weapons, ammunition, explosives and explosive assemblies» with the account of alterations and additions: the realized and the unimplemented

The problems of stating the objective signs of crime specified in parts 1 and 2 of article 180 of the Russian criminal code

Value notion of a crime

Illegal banking activity, its objective and subjective signs (art 172 of the Russian criminal code)

Qualifying and particularly qualifying signs of acquisition or dealing in goods scienter obtained illegally

Information protection by the different branches of Russian law

Corpus delicti with alternative signs of objective part in the history of criminal law in the soviet and post-soviet Russia

Some issues of decrees of the Russian Federation and the USSR supreme courts plenums on the judicial practice for cases connected with special rules violation

The background of the development of the institution of exemption of criminal liability and punishment in Russia

Empitrical patterns of criminological analyses of organized criminal activity

Moral-religious determinants of protection of the criminal legal procedure participants

«Not a step backwards»: Truth and fiction

Review for the monograph «Modern problems of criminal judicial proceedings» by V. M. Bykov

Review for the monograph «Modern problems of criminal judicial proceedings» by V. M. Bykov

III International scientific-practical conference «Power economy and law», april 10–11, 2008, Moscow

№ 3

Actual Problems of Economics and Law (APEL)

ISSN 1993-047X (PRINT)
ISSN 2410-0390 (ONLINE)
DOI : 10.21202/1993-047X.2008.3
Publishing date : 25/09/2008
Free economic zones: theoretical aspects of research

The issue of priority in institutional hierarchy

The impact of the state debt on macroeconomic development

Features of branding in the service sphere

State priorities in elaborating active programs on employment promotion

How to assess the efficiency of the controlling system at the enterprise

Uncertainty minimization at the level of economy subjects

Social-economic development and competitiveness of a region

Factors of the Russian securities market development

Theoretical bases of the territories' steady economic growth

Features of budget process at municipal level

The tax and credit stimuli of the minor enterpreneurship development

Innovational constituent of monopolism under the conditions of economic globalization

Legal bases of municipal government in Russia at the verge of XVIII.XIX cc.

The notion of "national minority" in the Russian law

The use of equitable right as one of the forms of its realization

On the issue of foundations, targets and limits of constitutional limitation of the basic human and civil rights and freedoms

Law-making initiatives of the municipal formation citizens: in the notion

Issues of civil-legal regulation and civil circulation of information

The social models of the offender's personality formation

Objective part of environmental regulation violation while manufacturing work (article 246 of the Russian criminal code)

On the issue of author's and neighbouring rights encroachment

The retrospective analysis of the Tsarist Russia criminal law on responsibility for crimes in the sphere of justice (by Regulation "On criminal and executive punishments" of 1845 and Criminal Regulation of 1903)

Retrospective and modern trends of cultivating treatment of the juvenile convicts at a colony

Types (categories) of the specially protected nature areas and nature objects according to the Russian criminal law

On the issue of characteristics of the subject and method of criminal-law regulation of public relations

Criminological characteristics of crimes committed at consumer market, and conditions of counteraction to them

Punishability of calumny in the history of pre-revolutionary Russian criminal legislation

The new treaty: Russia and European Union pit against each other again

Normative power of the EU "Directives"

Problems of interaction of court authority with mass media

Review by official opponent to the dissertation by A.P. Korotkova on the topic "Responsibility for crimes encroaching on vegetation: legal regulations and issue of qualification"

Review by official opponent to the dissertation by L.B. Shabanova on the topic "General methodical approach to carrying out the marketing research on commodities and services markets"

Review to the monograph by I.I. Bikeev "Extremely hazardous material objects in the Russian criminal law: general and special aspects"

№ 4

Actual Problems of Economics and Law (APEL)

ISSN 1993-047X (PRINT)
ISSN 2410-0390 (ONLINE)
DOI : 10.21202/1993-047X.2008.4
Publishing date : 22/12/2008
Influence of ethics on economy: theory and practical aspects

The role of consumer crediting and mortgage lending in the increasing of living standards in Russia

Theoretical-methodological aspect of state economic regulation of the agrarian sphere of agricultural-industrial complex (issues of price policy)

Formation and development features of innovative activity in Russia

Investment theories evolution

Evaluation of elasticity of the Russian economy development uncertainty

On the issue of the enterprise steady development in unstable environment

Evaluation of the product factor attraction

On the issue of agricultural production factors under modern conditions

Education quality management at municipal level

Cost management improvement based on cluster approach in institutional economy

Employment structure and its peculiarities in Tatarstan

Construction of a model for evaluation of the controlling concept efficiency

The non-standard approach to the evaluation of investment projects efficiency

The complex controlling system formation in the realization of the strategy of regional economy branch restructuring

Urgent problems of budget incomes formation of municipal units under the modern conditions

Development of marketing research methods at the municipal markets of goods and services

Population migration as the factor of labour market stabilization

Organization of accounts in isolated subsidiaries

The theory and the history of law and state

Typology of law interpretation: nomparative-legal analysis

Subjective law and juridical commitment

On the political-legal essence of constitutional justice in the Russian Federation subjects

Constitutional status of Ombudsman in the Russian Federation subjects (comparative legal analysis)

On some problems connected with applying the norms of civil code of Russian Federation on purchase and gift ontract to the rental relations

Completion of the statutory sentence as one of the legal conditions of grant of parole and its substitution for a milder sentence

Institute of crime multiplicity in the doctrine and the Russian criminal law

Alternative features of the objective part of corpus delicti stipulating the liability for the illegal circulation of precious metals, natural precious stones or pearls

Object and matter of corpus delicti in the violation of regime of specially protected nature territories and nature objects

Moral criteria of the life beginning of a human as the object of criminal-legal protection

Qualifying features of calumny corpus delicti in the history of the Soviet and post-Soviet Russia criminal law

Problems of application of the procedural criminal safety measures to the participants of a criminal case

Subject and limits of proving in investigating crimes connected with author's and neighbouring rights violation (art. 146 of the Russian criminal code)

On economic pluralism, energy sector liberalization and European Energy Charter

On economic pluralism, energy sector liberalization and European Energy Charter

Review of the official opponent of doctoral thesis by P.A. Kabanov «Political Criminality: notion, essence, types, reasons, criminals personality, counter measures (criminological research)»

August 2008: South Osetia event in the light of new branches of criminology and international criminal law: basic point of materials and reports of the «round table» participants of 26th of September, 2008