Actual Problems of
Economics and Law




Archive 2010

№1 (13)

Actual Problems of Economics and Law (APEL)

ISSN 1993-047X (PRINT)
ISSN 2410-0390 (ONLINE)
DOI : 10.21202/1993-047X.2010.1
Publishing date : 1/3/2010
Institutional limitations of innovative activity investment provision in the Russian economy

State regulation of innovative activity under the conditions of economy modernization

Crisis, state and financial market: regulation issues

Theory and methodology of assessment of transaction costs structure

Development of insurance market in agriculture

Enterprise management: the model of progress towards success

Assessment of human resources investments efficiencyin a company

Issues of agrarian financial-production groups formation in Russia

Mathematics at the management service

Kazan municipal public bank: formation, activity and participation in the financing of interregional trade

Regional aspect of development of the agrarian credit cooperation

The russian taxation policy under crisis

Rule of law as the main regulator of economic relations: notion, structure, significance

Rule of law sanction in the context of behaviour rules

District police in the kazan gubernia in the last quarter of the 19 c.

Correlation of the state and citizens’ interests reflected in the structure of structure of russian constitutions

Normative-legal basis of technical regulation of tourist services sphere

Parties and subject composition of permanent rent treaty

Criminal liability for acquisition and selling of digital and documented information scienter obtained by felonious means

Improvement of agrarian-industrial complex management under the modern conditions

Issues of lawful harm to the interests protected by criminal law under justified risk

Distinguishing between medical error and improper execution of professional duties by medical staff

Gnosiological issues of latent crime research

Comparative aalysis of the registered, latent and actual crime in the Russian Federation

Structure of latent crime in the Russian Federation

Anti-corruption expertise of municipal legal acts as a means of corruption counteraction

Juvenile convicts’ correction as the criminal-legal category

Criminal homicide in russia: criminal statistics analysis

International standards of human rights and liberties and their role in the system of the criminal law sources

Professional code of the Netherlands police VS Pprofessional ethical code of the russian law-enforcement bodies

«One hudred and sixteen half-in-half» in the Red Army before the Great Patriotic war

V.P. Malkov. Review оf the official opponent to the doctoral thesis by M.T. Ashirbekova «The principle of publicity in criminal legal procedure: notion, content and limitations»

№2 (14)

Actual Problems of Economics and Law (APEL)

ISSN 1993-047X (PRINT)
ISSN 2410-0390 (ONLINE)
DOI : 10.21202/1993-047X.2010.2
Publishing date : 1/6/2010
Interregional trade-economic links of the Kazan Volga region (second half of the 19th c)

Peculiarity of monopolism as an object of anti-monopoly relations

Hierarchical structure of intellectual capital in post-industrial economy

Economic problems of education development under the world financial crisis

Research of the latest conceptions and models of (technological) innovations management in national (regional) innovative- technological systems: main propositions and development

Some aspects of economic metrology under modern conditions (issues of universal rating theory and practice)

The model of efficiency management of transaction costs in leasing organizations

Promotion of the food safety of a region under modern conditions

Business tourism in Kazan: realities and prospects

Innovation activity of the regional market economy subjects as an anti-crisis measure

The modern condition of corn-processing enterprises of Tatarstan Republic

Planning system development under the conditions of instability

Land resources management: from theory to practice

Characteristics of the modern development of the russian securities market

Modern trends of banks’ image policy

Organization of the education system financial mechanism

Roman law reception and public- legal sphere formationin the roman-german law system

Peculiarities of law interpretation in autonomous individual-legal regulation

Termination of contractor’s agreement on project and exploration works

On the form and content of technical regulation in entrepreneural activity

Russian legal system on specially protected natural territories and natural objects

Comparative study of data on a criminal personality

Criminological monitoring of corruption counteraction

Personality of a taxation criminal

Problems of realization of the conception of continuing anti-corruption education for the elite

«Spices» harmful to life or health of consumers

Legal institution of the prescription of criminal proceedings by Russian and foreign legislation

Abortive solicitation: notion and qualification

Burning issues of criminal liability for the violation of fire-safety regulations

Pre-court agreement on cooperation and prosecutor’s role in its achieving and fulfillment

On correlation between national and european law

Atomic energy and international policy: the new stage of russian-turkish relations

№3 (15)

Actual Problems of Economics and Law (APEL)

ISSN 1993-047X (PRINT)
ISSN 2410-0390 (ONLINE)
DOI : 10.21202/1993-047X.2010.3
Publishing date : 1/9/2010
Investment security and state

Topical issues of insolvency (bankruptcy) law improvement

Necessity to control transactional costs of an educational establishment through innovative mechanisms

Influence of macroeconomical indicators on the integral information-entropic potential of an enterprise

Anaysis of experience of modernization of the organizational-financial mechanism in social-cultural sphere

Organizational culture: from traditions to modern entrepreneurship

Features of pricing techniques application in the mobile communication market

The influence of institutional environment and institutional transformations on the formation of the modern model of corporate management in Russia

Improving of the ground-rent attachment technique

Regional aspect of agricultural sector development

Reform in electric power engineering: from integration to cluster approach

Ways of increasing the marketing efficiency of «Bugulma milk plant» of «Vamin Tatarstan» public corporation

Main directions of scientific research in the sphere of project management at enterprises

Organization of financial management in educational system

Formation of the model of oil-chemical cluster in tatarstan republic

Natural rent, its social-economic significance and some issues of improvement of the tax mechanism of its attachment to the budget

Problems of registration-analytical classification of costs in non-state higher educational establishments

Improvement of accounting methods in budget financing and expenditures in autonomous establishments

Extremism ideology as a threat to the national security of Russia

Disputable issues of human rights relations methodology

On the legal nature of pledge

Attempt of legal limitation of the citizen’s rights and freedoms in the sphere of freedom of conscience

On the issue of resocialization models of the imprisoned convicts

Procedure of execution and serving of penitentiary punishment, and terms of such punishment

Conflict of interests at the state and municipal service: object and subjects

Restraint of liberty in the system of punishment types by the russian criminal code

Limitation of property interests of juveniles when applying educative measures

Criminal responsibility for calumny in the countries of south-east asia and japan

Some issues of criminal-legal regulation and classification of beating and torture

Creation of efficient securing programs for the criminal court procedures participants in Russia

Typical mistakes in appointing the forensic medical exemination in cases of light injury of beating

Article 28.1 of the criminal-procedural code: procedural essence of an institute and its correlation with adjacent models

Казанский окружной суд

№4 (16)

Actual Problems of Economics and Law (APEL)

ISSN 1993-047X (PRINT)
ISSN 2410-0390 (ONLINE)
DOI : 10.21202/1993-047X.2010.4
Publishing date : 1/12/2010
State control over anti-corruption policy realization in the Russian Federation

Control over realization of anti-corruption policy at municipal level

Supplementary anti-corruption professional education of municipal employees: levels and main directions of training

Psychological prerequisites of corruption

Optional objects of anti-corruption expertise of normative legal acts and their drafts

Victimological characteristics of the criminal corruption behaviour in the republic of tatarstan (the results of statistical observations in 2007–2009)

Anti-corruption propaganda: notion and content

Causes of state employees corruption in the light of social causes of criminality: theories of strain and theories of subculturies

The problem of corrution phenomenon research in the russian psychology

Object of bribery: the issues of content definition

Institutionalization of anti-corruption policy in the russian federation subjects

International legal standards of corruption counteraction, their realization in the russian anti-corruption legislation

Corruption prevention

Anti-corruption expertise of normative legal acts, carried out by prosecutor’s bodies, as an efficient means of corruption counteraction

Legal issues of anti-corruption expertise

Draft of federal law «on police» in the light of anti-corruption expertise

The role of prosecutor’s office in anti-corruption policy realization

Corruption in the structure of moral behaviour models

History of corruption appearance in Russian Federation

Issues of anti-corruption conscience formation and legal culture of the population

Activity of UNO board on drugs and crimes in the sphere of corruption counteraction at the present stage

Anti-corruption measures in the executive power bodies in the state of new-york

Corruption in higher professional education establishments: results of a definite sociologicall research

Notions of legality and appropriateness in the youth legal conscience in the context of anticorruption policy realization

Corruption from the point of view of psychosocial dissonance

Stealage by power abuse as a corruption crime by the Belarus criminal code

Archetypical peculiarities of personalities with various attitude towards corruption

On the problems and prospects of struggle against corruption in modern Russia: thoughts on the burning topic

On the issue of estimation of the state burden on economy

Information resources: theory and practice of management

Essence and structure of the human capital in the modern economy

Managerial innovations as a factor of service sphere development

Burning issues of management of innovation process in the russian residential real estate market

Problems of stable ecological-economical development and means of their solutions

To know and correctly estimate the actual reserves of agricultural production

Notions «customs service» and «customs service quality»: problems of definition

Peculiarities of insurance company costs: institutional approach

Modern motivation trends of suppliers in the medical services market

Research of quality estimation in the system of criteria of passangers transportation efficiency

Historical prerequisites of formation and development of bodies and institutions execut ing criminal punishments on the territory of Kazan guberniya

Some issues of complex codification of the russian legislation

On the improvement of the russian legislation in the sphere of arctic waters pollution prevention during the continental shelf development

Civil-law essence of the activity on oil-and-gas producing objects’ construction

On some features of legal provision for production quality

Organizational structure of state higher educational establishments: civil-law aspec

Notion and system of crimes, connected with prostitution, in the russian criminal law

Analysis of correspondence between court practice of imprisonment and the demands of the Russian supreme court plenum