Actual Problems of
Economics and Law




Archive 2014

№ 4 (32)

Actual Problems of Economics and Law (APEL)

ISSN 1993-047X (PRINT)
ISSN 2410-0390 (ONLINE)
DOI : 10.21202/1993-047X.2014.4
Publishing date : 15/12/2014
Communicative technologies of anti-corruption policy implementation

Anti-corruption interaction of the subjects of educational process

Anti-corruption education by means of professionally-oriented foreign language (on the example of imitation modelling on “contract” topic)

Personal or social identity in reforming education: corruption or innovation

Strategy of corruption counteraction

Anti-corruption education as a means of corruption counteraction: notion and content

Administrative barriers in the Russian economy as the conditions promoting corruption, and measures for their elimination

Comparative-criminological research of personality of corruption criminals, convicted for bribery and commercial subornation

Topical issues of corruption counteraction

Legal uncertainty as a means of competition limitation in the sphere of state and municipal purchases

Interpreting corruption as a social phenomenon: philosophic aspect of the problem

Theoretical issues and practical aspects of tax mechanisms of corruption counteraction

Intellectual property institution as a factor of national innovative system development

On the measure stop rovide competitiveness of agriculture under Russia’s joining the WTO

A new approach to evaluation techniques of an enterprise innovative activity taking into account the ecology aspect

Economic development of Czech Republic in 2004–2013 in the aspect of foreign capital and quality of entrepreneurship environment

Conditions and sources of households' well-being in Russia: regional aspect

Ecological-economic development of the Russian regions through ecological literacy of the population

Efficient tools for optimization of the processes of developing and strengthening inter-regional and international communications

On the condition of sugar plants in Tatarstan and prospects of their development

The role and influence of regional development institutions on the economy of the Russian regions

Capital assets and problems of their reproduction in North-Caucasus Region

Means of financing the transport infrastructure development at region al level

Scientific management for investment process

The place of a cluster in the structure of regional economy: comparative characteristics of Nizhniy Novgorod region and Tatarstan Republic

Theoretical aspects of the price-forming mechanism under modern business conditions

Systemic dynamics as the basis of modern managerial competence

Modern state and prospects of multilateral trade negotiations of Doha round

Implementation of program-objective forming of budgets of the Russian Federation subjects

On the criteria of differentiating liability for administrative breaches of law and undeliberate crimes

Features of inter-sectoral links in civil, land and town-planning law in the sphere of regulation the relations in real estate objects’ construction

Distinguishing between the notions of "commercial concession" and "franchising"

Place and role of international activity of federation subjects under modern conditions

Implementation of the right for profitable activity on the territory of any other third party, expressed in the norms of European social charter and in the EU and RF laws

Constitutional law interpretation as an integral legal doctrine

International-legal bases of differentiation in cases of terrorist crimes, as well as infringing the safety of aviation flights and sea navigation

Disputable provisions of the new criminal code of Kazakhstan Republic

Juridical-mathematical model of the system of law, legal relations ad legal liability

№3 (31)

Actual Problems of Economics and Law (APEL)

ISSN 1993-047X (PRINT)
ISSN 2410-0390 (ONLINE)
DOI : 10.21202/1993-047X.2014.3
Publishing date : 1/9/2014
Development of the intellectual capital management system of a holding

Structures of order in the Russian economic system

Import substitution and integration processes of corporate management as tools for competitiveness development of the Russian regions under modern conditions

Problems and trends of budget fund expenditures

Stable development of rural territories: method of estimation and typologization (on the example of Krasnoyarsk region)

Econometrics model of efficient functioning of agricultural production

Intellectual property management in football clubs (оn the example of FC “Rubin” municipal institution) (continue)

Tax control over physical persons’ expenditures

Enterprise economics and public effects during implementation of the industrial park project

Application of fuzzy-sets approach in assessing the performance of agricultural enterprises (on the example of cattle-breeding in the Republic of Tatarstan)

Theory and practice of state regulation and support of small and middle entrepreneurship subjects

Estimation of the cost of an enterprise own capital with the account of financial risk of investment project

On some solutions of topical problems of public purchasing auctions in Russia

Complex estimation of social-economic development of monocities in Chuvash Republic

Influence of statehood institutions development on the tax control organization

Legal regulation of state (municipal) financial control

Peculiarities of the legal status of public-law entities as insiders by the legislation on combating the unlawful use of insider information

On the concept and characteristics of long-term contract

The functions of the legal model of the real estate circulation system

On the correlation of “enterprise” and “common immovable complex” categories

Contract regulation of commercial concession (franchising): problems of civil law development

Implementing the provisions of the european social сharter on the right for just payment for work in the legislation of Russia and some European countries

Authorizing parliamentary control in the system of powers separation

The oretical-legal aspect of state service in the Russian Federation subjects

Legal persons as victims of crime: statement of the problem

Public control in the sphere of corruption counteraction: scientific category and its content

Changing sentences basing on the research of mathematical functions of criminal punishment (on the example of the USA)

Anti-corruption, legal and criminological expertise of normative legal acts (comparative analysis)

“Too cumbersome”: questionnaires in cases of criminal communities

The necessity to use operational-investigative activity of internal affairs bodies to undermine the economic foundations of organized criminal groups

On the measures of administrative coercion applied to the media

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Actual Problems of Economics and Law (APEL)

ISSN 1993-047X (PRINT)
ISSN 2410-0390 (ONLINE)
DOI : 10.21202/1993-047X.2014.2
Publishing date : 1/6/2014
Methodology of correcting strategy for the formation of a holding intellectual capital

The operating structure of islamic financial institution oriented to implementation of debt financing methods

Research approaches to the analysis of «man-production» relations

Principles of development of the industry of technogenic waste processing

Management of intellectual property in the football clubs: technology strategy and tactics (for example, municipal institution of FC «Rubin»)

Organizational strategy of corporation’s internal development

Corporate citizenship as a philosophy of socially-responsible business: new level of development

National innovation system of Russia: state of the art and prospects of development

Issues of improving the economy of healthcare in the Russian regions

Economic bases of product quality and safety assurance

Features and prospects of fighting with inflation in Russia

The concept and implementation mechanism of industrial enterprises restructuring

Approach to the assessment of the industrial enterprise sustainable development

Improving statistical accounting as an element of quality management development in healthcare

Some aspects of simulation-semantic model of performance indicators synthesis in the economy

On the technique of legal expertise of the essence of changes in legislation

Criminal-legal prohibitions in the soviet juridical discourse

Problems of administrative legal provision of observing the anti-corruption legislation by the state and municipal workers and other persons defined by law

The legal structure of the agency contract in civil law and doctrine

Will and its form by the legislation of Kazakhstan Republic and foreign countrie

Definitions of the real estate turnover system

Essence and classification of legal guarantees of creditors’ rights

On the issue of guilt of the victim in liabilities for doing harm by a motor vehicle

«White» Russia: the problem of choice of forms of territorial organisation

Issues of formation of anti-corruption outlook in the society

Modern criminological characteristics of crime in rural regions (continuation)

Nature, form and content of deceit as a way of committing fraud in the sphere of motor transport

On a fair verdict

On the social-labour relations in the Russian penitentiary system

Relationship between the criminal proceduer setting and the objectives of public prosecution

Preventive impact on corruption in the Republic of Kazakhstan: review of the commentary to the law of the Republic of Kazakhstan «on combating corruption»


Actual Problems of Economics and Law (APEL)

ISSN 1993-047X (PRINT)
ISSN 2410-0390 (ONLINE)
DOI : 10.21202/1993-047X.2014.1
Publishing date : 1/3/2014
Implementing the regional programs for corruption preventing and counteraction in the Ukraine: development and ways of implementation

Anti-corruption policy and activity

Features of corruption revelation in innovative environment

Corruption as a phenomenon of globalization

Requirements of the principle of punishment execution individualization as an important factor of counteraction to corruption and subjectivity of parole institution

Corruption factors in election procedure: approaches to determining and algorythm of strategic managerial influence

Problems of efficient coordination of anti-corruption activity

Issues of anti-corruption and anti-crisis management of the Russian economy and measures for their solution: institutional aspect

Functioning of anti-corruption monitoring system: issues of quality improving

On the systemic character of criminal-legal provision of corruption counteraction in Ukraine

The role of new methods of state management in preserving and developing the human capital as the basis of the modern economy growth

Features of implementing lean production in social establishments

Conception of forming the innovative quality-oriented management system of an organization

Analitical estimation of electronic government development in the Russian regions basing on systemic-functional approach

Implementing the model of regional development of agricultural-industrial complex under globalization

Strategy of developing the intellectual capital of a holding

Competitiveness of an enterprise’s business activity and factor determining it

Issues of political strategy in forming innovative systems

New realities of labor market in Russia and their influence on company’s management

Statistic methods of tourist information systematization

Improving the state regulation of machine-building complex

Swiss model of managerial culture

Qualitative evaluation of the impact of international competitiveness factors of the Russian regions

Business activity as a multi-level category

Problems of accounting-analytical provision for accounts receivable and possible ways of solving them

Regional housing markets: experience of classification

Types and classification of extremist behavior: general theoretical and legal issues

Holding: features of legal regulation

Correlation of the objects of civil rights withdrawn, restricted or prohibited for circulation

Classification of the legal model of real estate circulation system

Sham transactions as transactions with flaw in the will

Significance of juridical facts’ system in civil law

On the issue of legal formation of regional strategies of physical culture and sports policy in the Russian Federation

Correlation between the Russian constitution and the international treaties

Sanctions of prohibiting legal norms: novelties in legal regulation

Constitutions of the Russian Federation Republics: basic features and problems of development

Modern criminological characteristics of crime in rural areas

Causes and conditions of female crime recidivism: features of regional characteristics

Persistent evasion from paying children’s allowance in the Russian criminal law

Influence of unemployment on thefts (criminological research)

Criminal-legal measures applied to women criminals, Practice and problems of application in the Russian Federation

Verification of the crime information as the initial stage of criminal court procedure

Notion and main issues of appellation procedure of checking court decisions in the russian criminal procedure (before reforms of 29.12.2010)