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DOI: 10.21202/1993-047X.04.2010.4.64-73

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Authors :
1. P.A. Kabanov, Doctor of Law, Associate Professor
Scientific-Research Institute for corruption counteraction of the Institute of Economics, Management and Law (Kazan)

Institutionalization of anti-corruption policy in the russian federation subjects

The article views the issues of institutionalization of the regional anti-corruption policy in Russia, and presents a brief characteristics of the process of institutionalization of mechanisms and tools of anti-corruption policy in the Russian Federation subjects.

Keywords :

anti-corruption policy, institutionalization of anti-corruption policy, institutionalization of the legal regulation of the regional anti-corruption policy, institutionalization of specialized regional state anti-corruption bodies, institutionalization of specialized advisory, coordination, inter-departmental, expert boards and commissions, institutionalization of certain mechanisms and tools for corruption counteraction

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Type of article : The scientific article