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DOI: 10.21202/1993-047X.09.2015.4.181-187

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Authors :
1. Raul’ R. Yarullin, Doctor of Economics, Professor, Academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences
Ufa branch of University for Finance at the Russian Government, Ufa, Russia

Rental fees for using the non-residential funds of the municipal fisc and factors of its growth

Objective: to develop the theoretical bases of forming the rent fees for non-residential funds, which constitute the fisc of Ufa municipality, and to identify the opportunities of revenues increase from its use.

Methods: abstract-logical, dialectical, comparative, systematic and structural, economic analysis and synthesis.

Results: the content is disclosed of the rental fees of non-residential funds constituting the municipal fisc as a cash payment, of compensatory and equivalent character, for the use of the municipality fisc; the necessity is grounded of increasing the budget effectiveness of the municipal non-residential facilities rent, which consists in the proper use of rental fees for maintenance, investments in the renovation and construction of non-residential facilities, the availability of funds for their financing, and the lack of growth in rents above the economically viable threshold; the factors are analyzed which determine the budget revenues from rent, affecting the fiscal efficiency of non-residential facilities rent in Ufa city; a number of problematic issues were identified, of systemic character: reduction of the number of rent contracts; reduction of the rented space; an excessive amount of the reduced rent; arrears of tenants on rents; insufficient quality of the information management system; ways are propose to improve the budget efficiency and profitability of the non-residential rent, consisting in the transition of non-residential buildings and premises, which are in economic conducting or in operational administration or are unused (unregistered), into the rent regime with the establishment of feasible rental fees; expanding the number of premises, the rental fee for the use of which is determined by bidding; reduction of benefits to commercial organizations for the rent payment; providing full and timely transfer of the arrears from tenants to the budget; acceleration of the formation of the automated system for mass valuation of real estate, allowing to automate the forecast of budget revenues from non-residential funds renting.

Scientific novelty: the necessity is grounded to increase the budget effectiveness of the municipal non-residential facilities rent, the definition is formulated of the non-residential facilities rent of the municipal fisc and factors of its growth.

Practical significance: the findings and conclusions of the article can be used in the budget efficiency management of the non-residential facilities rent, as well as in research and teaching activities.

Keywords :

rent; non-residential facilities; property; fisc; rental fees; municipal budget; budget efficiency; information system

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Citation :

Yarullin R. R. Rental fees for using the non-residential funds of the municipal fisc and factors of its growth // Actual Problems of Economics and Law, 2015, no. 4, pp. 181–187.

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