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Economics and Law




To book the magazine

Subscription information

You can subscribe for the journal in post offices «Post of Russia».
Subscription index in the Incorporated catalogue «Press of Russia» – 86303.

The subscription for the journal beginning with any issue can be made through the Editorial Board by sending the letter of enquiry to the Editorial Board, indicating the issue and year of the publication and the d emanded quantity of copies, and transferring 400 RUB to the settlement account of “Tatarskiy tsentr obrazovaniya “Taglimat”“ Ltd 400 RUB for one copy of the journal, with the indication of the payment purpose: for the journal.

The payment can be made by any organization or private person.

The copy of the payment document must be sent to the journal editorial board.

Copy(ies) of the journal will be sent by mail to the address of the payer or to another address by the payer’s warrant.