Actual Problems
of Economics and Law




Financial policy

The activities of the journal "Actual Problems of Economics and Law" are financed by the founder ("Kazan Innovative University named after V.G. Timiryasov") and a subscription to the journal. There is no fee for submitting an article, reviewing it, or providing editorial and publishing services.

The funds received from the founder and the subscriptions are used for maintaining the Journal website, ensuring uninterrupted access to the published articles, transferring the published articles to the RFBR, covering editorial expenses related to checking, reviewing and publishing the research results provided by the authors, and mandatory mailing of the publications.


Procedure for approving the translated articles for publication in the journal are the following

1. The Editor-in-chief or the Deputy Editor-in-chief selects foreign articles in foreign languages for translation into Russian for publication in the journal.
2. The Editor-in-chief or the Deputy Editor-in-chief justifies the relevance of the research topic and the potential interest of the publication for researchers who read the journal.
3. The decision regarding the translation and publication, publication of articles if you have permission from the copyright holder is received by the Journal Editor-in-chief.


Policy for the publication of preprints

1. Consideration of incoming preprints is carried out by the Editor-in-chief of the journal or the Deputy Editor-in-chief in the relevant field (Economics or Law).
2. The Editor-in-chief or the Deputy Editor-in-chief appoints a reviewer who is an expert for the research topic under consideration. Further review of the article is carried out in the standard mode.