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Information for novice researchers

Dear authors! We would like to expound the compulsory requirements for the abstracts based on the editorial board’s demands and recommendations of the reviewers.

The author’s abstract is a short characteristics of the work containing the list of topical issues only.

The abstract should contain the main ideas/sections of the work, to link them together and to present them in brief. An abstract, representing the content of the work as a whole, should include: the topicality of the problem, the statement of the problem, the ways of solving the problem, the results and conclusions. Each section should occupy one sentence. Thus, the accuracy in idea’s statement is the key point in abstract writing.

While writing an abstract it is recommended to use well-known, conventional terms; fixed expressions, like “The work deals with / considers / contemplates / presents / analyzes / reviews / examines …” should be used for more distinct idea statements.

Abundant detailing and specific figures should be avoided.

According to ГОСТ 7.86-2003. Publications. General requirements for editorial abstract:

1. Editorial abstract has laconic, definite language form, at the same time containing full characteristics of the publication, without any secondary or irrelevant information.
2. The volume of editorial abstract, as a rule, does not exceed 500–600 printed characters, or one paragraph containing 10–12 lines.
3. The editorial abstract of a publication for readers-nonspecialists should contain universally received lexis and terminology, and simple language patterns.
4. Abstruse words used in the title of a common-reader-oriented publication should be explained in an abstract.
5. The abstract should contain only universally received abbreviations.
6. It is recommended not to cite the text of the publication.
7. Advertising elements in the abstract should not mutilate the publication’s objective characteristics.
The key words in the article are highlighted for search engines and for topical classifications of articles. It is in the author’s interests to state as many key words as possible, to increase the chances of finding the article through search engines.