Actual Problems of
Economics and Law




DOI: 10.21202/1993-047X.04.2010.2.32-41

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Authors :
1. G.I. Gumerova, Doctor of Economics, Professor
Academy of National Economy of the Russian Government, Moscow

2. E.Sh. Shaimiyeva, PhD (Economics), Assistant Professor
Institute of Economics, Management and Law (Kazan)

Research of the latest conceptions and models of (technological) innovations management in national (regional) innovative- technological systems: main propositions and development

The article studies the modern conceptions and models technological innovation management, which are used nowadays in various innovative-technological systems (Germany, Great Britain, China); the present proposition of the concepts and models, as well as their application for Russia.

Keywords :

innovative-technological system of a region, technological innovations, direct foreign investments, open innovations, leading and lagging markets

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Type of article : The scientific article