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DOI: 10.21202/1993-047X.04.2010.4.237-241

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Authors :
1. D.E. Medvedev, Head of Law department, Chief Lawyer
«Management Company «Tatburneft» Ltd

Civil-law essence of the activity on oil-and-gas producing objects’ construction

The essence of the activity under study is revealed through the analysis of such civil law objects as the oil-and-gas producing complexes. Unlike usual civil law objects, the oil-and-gas producing objects form complex res within them. Their peculiarities make it necessary to distinguish them (res systems) as a single civil law object.
Studying the civil-law essence of oil-and-gas producing objects construction can promote the legislation process, as well as law enforcement practice in this activity, and can make it possible to formulate the scientifically grounded proposals on improving the functioning legislation.

Keywords :

civil law objects, complex res, oil-and-gas producing complexes, construction

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Type of article : The scientific article