Actual Problems of
Economics and Law




DOI: 10.21202/1993-047X.07.2010.4.187-190

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Authors :
1. L.N. Safiullin, Doctor of Economics, Professor
Institute of Economics, Management and Law (Kazan)

2. D.V. Ulesov, PhD (Economics), Associate Professor
State Educational Establishment of Higher Professional Education «Kazan State Agrarian University»

Managerial innovations as a factor of service sphere development

The article studies the role of managerial innovations in the formation of entrepreneurship in services sphere. The issues of development of entrepreneurship theory in innovative economy and economy of knowledge are discussed. A new scientific direction is grounded, concerning the entrepreneurship activity in the services sphere in economy of knowledge.

Keywords :

innovation, entrepreneurship, managerial innovation, services sphere, economy of knowledge, technical and technological innovations

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