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DOI: 10.21202/1993-047X.09.2015.1.262-271

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Authors :
1. Valentina Vladimirovna Tereshkova, PhD (Law), Associate Professor
Siberia Federal University, Krasnoyarsk, Russia

Comparative analysis of successful practices of corruption counteraction in the sphere of school education in foreign countries

Objective: to analyze the practice of corruption counteraction in the sphere of school education in foreign countries.

Methods: comparative-legal method, polling, content analysis of documents, expert evaluation, testing of experts with an international technique Questionnaire Profile of Demand.

Results: the need for the corruption counteraction program is stated in Art. 13.3 of the Federal Law “On corruption counteraction”and Methodological recommendations of the Russian Ministry of Labor on corruption risks evaluation when implementing functions, but no definite measures for corruption counteraction in educational organizations have been formulated. Nevertheless, the controlling bodies inquire for information on such measures. As an example, wecitean inquiry of Krasnoyarsk Oktyabrskiy region Prosecutor’s Office to educational organizations of October 21, 2014 no. 86-01-2014 “On measures for corruption counteraction in the sphere of education”.

Scientific novelty: summarizing the experience of corruption counteraction in the sphere of education in foreign countries and the experts’ opinion of the specialist of international organizations allowed to formulate a number of recommendations for the Russian educational establishments.

Practical value: the experience of corruption counteraction in foreign countries will allow the head of an educational establishment to choose those of the proposed measures, which will be efficient in corruption prevention, and to elaborate an efficient program for corruption prevention.

Keywords :

 Corruption; Monitoring; Educational organization; Advancing qualification; Program for corruption counteraction; Financing formula; Ethical code of educators; Corruption in education; Corruptive crimes; Audit of an educational establishment

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Citation :

Tereshkova V.V. Comparative analysis of successful practices of corruption counteraction in the sphere of school education in foreign countries, Actual Problems of Economics and Law, 2015, No. 1 (33), pp. 262–271.

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