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DOI: 10.21202/1993-047X.09.2015.1.233-237

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Authors :
1. Timur Al’bertovich Gumerov, PhD (Law)
Kazan (Volga) Federal University, Kazan, Russia

Development of the system of punishment in criminal law

Objective: to analyze the formation of punishment in criminal law (from ancient times to the present day), to demonstrate various aspects of punishment used at different times in different countries.

Methods: a comprehensive study of phenomena and processes of objective reality, and the theoretical writings of legal scholars.

Results: the author attempts to trace the history and development of the institution of punishment and to assess its current state. On the basis of the conducted analysis it is concluded that the severity of the punishment does not affect the general trend of the increase of crimes.

Scientific novelty: the study made specific findings are timely and proposals to improve the legislation in terms of criminal punishment by legislative consolidation unused to date principle. Profound historical analysis of the institution of punishment in criminal law will provide concrete examples of the scientific community punishments in different historical stages.

Practical value: the formulated theoretical concepts can be used in scientific, legislative and law-enforcement activities, in the educational process for improving the skills of practitioners and scientific-pedagogical personnel in the field of jurisprudence, as well as in the preparation of scientific publications and teaching materials on this subject.

Keywords :

 Code of Draco; Punishment; Criminal law; Death penalty; Criminal code; Crime; Inevitability of punishment

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Citation :

Gumerov T.A. Development of the system of punishment in criminal law, Actual Problems of Economics and Law, 2015, No. 1 (33), pp. 233–237.

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