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DOI: 10.21202/1993-047X.09.2015.3.150-156

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Authors :
1. Dilyara Chulpanovna Salikhova, applicant
Kazan (Volga) Federal University, Kazan, Russia

On the issue of professional activity as the main feature of assessment activity

Objective: basing on the comprehensive study of the content of the category "professional activity", to formulate the author's definition of the researched category as the main feature of assessment activity.

Methods: comparative-legal analysis, synthesis, analogy, and logical-systemic methods of generalization.

Results: the standardized features of the category "professional activity" are extinguished in relation to any kind of such activity in general, as well as differentiating features of professional assessment activity in particular. The relationship between the concepts of "professional activity" and "business activity" is studied,on the basis of which it is concluded that the professional activity can be both entrepreneurial and non-entrepreneurial; the criteria are proposed to distinguish between these types of professional activity. The author's definition of "professional business" and "non-professional activities" is formulated.The feature of professionalism assessment activity is defined and its criterion is shown. It is concluded that the assessment activity is a professional non-entrepreneurial activity, and therefore it is proposed to consolidate this provision in Article 3 of the Federal law "On valuation activities in the Russian Federation". The author's definition of the category of "professional activity" is developed as the main feature of assessmentactivity.

Scientific novelty: in the article for the first time it is proposed to distinguish the types of professional activity from the point of view of comparing it with business activity; criteria are established for distinguishing between professional entrepreneurial and non-entrepreneurial activities; definitions of these terms are formulated, as well as the definition of the category of "professional activity". In addition, for the first time the differentiating features of professional activity, are shown, which are inherent, in particular, to assessment activity.

Practical significance: the results of the study can be used to improve legislation on assessment activity, as well as in the legal regulation of other types of professional activity. The proposed conclusions can become the components of the theory of civil rights objects (service rendering) and be used in the educational process in the course of "Civil law (General part)" on "Objects of civil rights".

Keywords :

Professionalism; Professional activity; Business activity; Assessment activity; Civil law; Notarial activities; Advocacy; Physical person

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Citation :

Salikhova D.C. On the issue of professional activity as the main feature of assessment activity, Actual Problems of Economics and Law, 2015, No. 3, pp. 150–156.

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