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DOI: 10.21202/1993-047X.09.2015.4.188-197

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Authors :
1. Rinas V. Kashbraziyev, PhD (Economics), Associate Professor
Kazan (Volga) Federal University, Kazan, Russia

Basic contradiction of the international production cooperation

Objective: to analyze the contradictions of international industrial cooperation as a driving force for its development.

Methods: identification and analysis of contradictions in international cooperation were carried out using systematic approach based on general scientific methods of theoretical and empirical research: analysis, synthesis, scientific observation, measurement and comparison. On the basis of generalization and analysis of the information contained in the statistical system of the Organization for economic cooperation and development and the global competitiveness reports of the world economic forum, the author presents assessment of the level of technological and knowledge-intensity of the economies of certain developed and developing (transition) countries, investment efficiency in science and research, their influence on the technological level of production and the degree of technological sovereignty of the mentioned countries.

Results: the study of the industrialized countries’ experience has shown that the production of high-tech products is impossible without integration into a global cooperative network of industrial companies and research institutes. However, being included into the global production chains and attracting advanced technologies of production, marketing and management, the national companies inevitably fall into dependence on foreign (import) supply.
An economic axiom is formulated: modern high-tech production requires a dramatic expansion of international production cooperation.
The main ontological contradiction of international industrial cooperation is revealed, characterized by the impact on the improvement of the technological level of production and innovativeness of the national economy, on the one hand, and simultaneous strengthening of its dependence on foreign partners, on the other hand.

Scientific novelty: on the basis of systematic approach, the article reveals contradictions in international cooperation in the context of innovative development and economic security of the country; the basic contradiction of international industrial cooperation is formulated; it is proved that the resolution/mitigation of the main contradiction is due to the development of the national innovation system.

Practical significance: the main provisions and conclusions of the article can be used in the development of recommendations to reduce the level of contradictions in international cooperation, and to weaken the dependence of the Russian industry from imports.

Keywords :

 international business; international cooperation; basic contradiction; innovative development

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Citation :

 Kashbraziyev, R. V. Basic contradiction of the international production cooperation // Actual Problems of Economics and Law, 2015, no. 4, pp. 188–197.

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